July 17, 2024
Foreign Betting Sites

When you register with odds bonus online, you can choose between foreign betting sites and Danish betting game sites. In this article, we review everything you should know about bookmakers licensed by the gambling authority in Malta, Curacao or elsewhere outside Denmark. Read about how you can bet on sports on the best betting internet sites with everything from American football to e-sports, soccer, tennis and generally all sports between heaven and earth.

The best rated foreign betting sites with the best odds in Denmark

Before we dive into all the details of what it means to play at a bookmaker without a Danish license, you can see the best foreign betting sites already now. Below you can see our list of the foreign sites with odds that we recommend for betting on odds. You can already click through to the foreign betting sites, or choose to read the entire page and then scroll back up. Remember that at any time you can find this list of the best foreign bookmakers where you can easily create an account.

Should I go for bookmakers without a Danish license?

go for bookmakers

It is a very open question whether you should go for a foreign bookmaker without a Danish gambling license. The answer largely depends on what you are most into. Many users prefer to play without a Danish license when they want to be more anonymous, play without NemID, and to get a bigger welcome bonus.

These are just a number of the advantages that can be had with games at betting sites without a Danish license. The foreign gambling sites are known to be more generous with bonuses for both new and existing members. Furthermore, they are not connected to the Danish gambling market, and therefore there is no requirement for a NemID or connection to ROFUS. You can read about ods outside of ROFUS in the next section.

What does it mean to play without ROFUS?

rofus logoROFUS is the Register of Voluntarily Excluded Players. If you have excluded yourself, you should consider whether it is wise to place money bets. There are cases where people have excluded themselves by mistake or they want to play odds after a good break. In those cases, it might be a good alternative to play without ROFUS, which you have the option of with the foreign bookmakers.

Always play responsibly

play responsibly

We want to emphasize that it is always important to play responsibly. If you are looking to bet on odds without ROFUS or NemID, you should think twice. There are several who prefer to avoid the two things, as it is a less demanding process. Many want the simple solution, and it is certainly possible with foreign bookmakers. However, if you have a problem with gambling, we do not encourage gambling for that reason. There it may be better to take a shorter or longer break.

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