American Roulette

Many casinos allow you to play the classic casino game American roulette. This includes, among other things, racetrack games, which allow you to play on your favourites. American roulette is one of 3 roulette forms that you can find around Danish online casinos. European roulette is another alternative, and a lesser known game is French… Continue reading American Roulette

Live Roulette

The catchy wheel of the roulette has long served many players worldwide when they have entered the physical casinos. After the game was introduced to the digital world, many players have chosen to play the popular casino game online. You will even find that the vast majority of online casinos have taken it a step… Continue reading Live Roulette

The history of roulette

It is very doubtful to say anything definite about the origin of roulette or its history. Historians have an assumption that this game of chance developed around the same time as the invention of the wheel itself. The theory points out that roulette originally originated in China and then came to Europe through the traditional… Continue reading The history of roulette

Foreign Betting Sites With Sports Betting

When you register with odds bonus online, you can choose between foreign betting sites and Danish betting game sites. In this article, we review everything you should know about bookmakers licensed by the gambling authority in Malta, Curacao or elsewhere outside Denmark. Read about how you can bet on sports on the best betting internet… Continue reading Foreign Betting Sites With Sports Betting

Advantages and disadvantages of foreign bookmakers

As we have written in other articles, there are always pros and cons no matter what we look at. Today we look at the advantages and disadvantages of the foreign odds sites compared to Danish bookmakers. Advantage Usually bigger welcome bonuses. Play around ROFUS. Larger selection of payment methods. Play without NemID. Less personal information… Continue reading Advantages and disadvantages of foreign bookmakers

How much can you win with vintage slot machines?

Futuriti casino first we have to talk about basic blackjack strategy, why not try others. Hi Sweety, she has surrounded herself with knowledgeable consultants from the industry. Any issues can be reported to customer support over the phone, book your futuriti casino seat and start your wild ride. This means you can connect and communicate… Continue reading How much can you win with vintage slot machines?