July 17, 2024
American Roulette

Many casinos allow you to play the classic casino game American roulette. This includes, among other things, racetrack games, which allow you to play on your favourites.

American roulette is one of 3 roulette forms that you can find around Danish online casinos. European roulette is another alternative, and a lesser known game is French roulette.

The purpose of American roulette is to predict which field the ball will land on. The game is based on the roulette wheel’s 38 fields, which start from 0 and go all the way up to 36.

In addition, there is also a field with 00.

While the ball dances around the wheel and before it lands in a field, you can continuously place bets on the various fields that are represented. There are Max/Min. stakes which can be seen at the table’s section. When a spin is completed, payouts are made.

How do I bet?

If you would like to bet on a specific field, simply point to this field/fields on the table. After this, a window will appear on the screen, which will tell you which Max/Min. stakes applicable to these placements.

To place your bet, you must first determine your chip value. You add chips to the table by clicking with the mouse on the field. The more clicks, the more tokens.

If there are active arrows on one or the other side of the chip, you can click on these arrows to see your other betting options.

If you want to learn more about strategies for roulette you can read this article. The article also teaches you how to use a roulette system. Roulette systems are clearly recommended to use if you play online roulette.

The auto-adjustment


When you have placed your bet, press SPIN and the game is started. If you have turned on your Auto-adjust function in the game, it will automatically distribute the excess value of your bets by the bet, given that it is too high for the given field.

You will find this adjustment and can turn it on in settings.

The auto-adjust feature is there to adjust the max limit in case of too high bets. The function adjusts and distributes the rest of your bet to other fields, if the excess bet is not too small to be able to cover the desired bet positions.

If the excess bet is too small, it is placed on as many fields as possible.

As soon as the ball has finished spinning, the winning number is read and the winnings are paid out.

Rate types

Inside/outside stakes

At Spilnu.dk, American roulette gives you the opportunity to make inside, outside and racetrack bets. Inside bets must be made on the individual numbers on the table, where there are 6 different types of bets as follows:

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Three numbers (Street)
  • Top line
  • Corner

Six Lines

Outside bets must be placed on numbers that are in groups on the table as follows:

  • Dozen
  • Red/black
  • Even/odd
  • 1-18/19-36

Racetrack Stakes

Racetrack bets are a combination of one or more inside bets on a series of numbers. These numbers follow each other on the wheel. There is only one option to make a racetrack insert.

Numbers and neighbors

The biggest wins are found in the games Straight and Numbers and Neighbors.

Should you be lucky enough to get it right, these give you your money back 35 times. Conversely, the smallest winnings are found in the outside winnings, but here there is also the greatest chance of winning, resp. red/black, even/odd and 1-18-1-36. These games are all 50/50 games and give you your money back 1:1.

Statistics and probability

Statistics and probability

Statistics and probability have a lot to do with casino games.

Once you have taken a seat at a roulette wheel, you can quickly form an overview by opening a statistics panel. In the panel you can see the last 500 rounds that have been played, and for example see which winning numbers have been named and which 4 numbers have won the most or least.

In addition, you can also form an overview of how the rounds in the game have been distributed in relation to red/black and even/odd numbers. If you are interested in winning money at the casino, you should definitely make use of some of the tricks and tips for roulette that we have made here.

Repayment percentage

American roulette theoretically has a fairly high repayment percentage of 94.74%, and where the top line bet is 92.11%.

You can find a list of places where you can play American roulette on our home page.

We wish you the best of luck playing online american roulette!

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